Don’t tap to pay,  Tap to save!

 Introducing the payment app that will change everything!  Imagine walking into your local Bestbuy to buy that new $3000, 4k UHD TV you have been wanting.  When it comes time to pay you present your smart phone and you save 10% or $300 dollars.  At which point 10% or $270 more in credit is added to your digital wallet that can be spent at any of the 190,000 locations across the US with more joining daily.  


A Short List Of Retailers That Are Already Participating 

Dominoes Pizza, Applebees, The Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bonefish Grill, IHOP, Krispy Kreme, Carrabas Italian Grill, Pappa John’s, Kmart, Tijuana Flats, Lands End, Cold Stone Cremery, Chipotle, Sears, TGI Friday, Express, Old Navy, Game Stop, Sephora, Gap, Bannana Republic, Aerie, JC Penny, American Eagle, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Outback Steakhouse, Chilis, Barnes & Noble, Ulta, AMC Theaters, Steak & Shake, Staples, O’Charleys.

The person behind you asks.  “Wow, how did you do that?”  You have a choice.  


“its a secret”


“Let me forward it to you, whats your cell number”


One way you save money. The other way you save money AND earn money based on what the other person spends also.


Its your choice there is no wrong answer!  

Immediate Savings

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Gain access to immediate savings at thousands of locations of national and regional brands including movie theaters, restaurants, retailers, and online stores. The C4 app will help you pay and save at places you already know and love!  

You will have the ability to use the C4 app with other coupons, discounts, and credit card reward programs in order to maximize savings.


Secure Mobile Payments

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Shop with several layers of protection against fraud and credit card information theft. Your card information will not be stored on your mobile device, nor will it be stored on our app. Further, with each purchase, the merchant receives a tokenized payment to that specific transaction, so even if their systems get hacked, your information is unknown and safe.

Sign Up As a Customer

Start here if you only want to save 5% to 20% off places you already shop.  

You can signup now and get an email when the app is available for download on January 18th.

Affiliate Program

If you’d also like to earn ongoing income based upon the shopping of the customers you refer to the app and the customers they refer start here.  There is a $21.95 annual membership fee to be an affiliate.


NEVER Pay Retail Again!

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NEVER Pay Retail Again!

Enter your email below to be sent your initial setup instructions!

Available by special invite only